Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Office bookshelf makeover

What does two rolls of wrapping paper, one BFF, and a girl on a mission equal?  My new office bookshelves!  (Aside:  Surely I'm too old to use the term BFF, right?)

I spend so much time in my office that I grow bored with it very easily so it will forever be a work in progress.  I couldn't wait to share my latest update.  I wanted to brighten up my bookshelves with a little visual interest so I found a photo in a magazine that I loved and set out to copy it!  So, after shopping for weeks for the perfect wallpaper that was a style I liked and the correct width, turned out to be fruitless.  My sister suggested wrapping paper!  A few trips around town and I found the perfect paper.  It only took me a few hours, one BFF loaded with stimulating conversation AND the job was done!  Perfection!

Before: Boring...

After: Bookshelves Anew! 

Whatcha think?  My husband is mortified that this expensive piece of furniture is wrapped like a gift; however, I only used water soluable spray adhesive in the corners so it is completely removeable!  All that is left to do now is finding someone to translate this sentance for the cleaning people?  "Hernando, please do not get furniture polish on my wrapping paper?  LOL!

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