Friday, February 12, 2010

Organization and function…made pretty!

This little necessity in my house should really be called the “Mom, where is it? station”. After months of being asked, Mom where are the erasers…Mom do we have any pencils around here…I decided, despite my attempts to create lovely little areas for the kids to do their homework, they will always love sitting at the breakfast bar so they can be close to me. It is building memories in their little souls that we all share an after school snack of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies with milk and calmly and serenely do homework and share the exciting things we missed while apart…OPS! Waking up now…sorry, that was an episode of Leave it to Beaver I was recalling…LOL! Really its more like Mom…I doooooooooooooooon’t waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanna dooooooooooooo it! Why do we have to eat ahealthy snack?  Elise's Mom lets her eat candy after school.  UGH! God bless the teachers of America! I do NOT know how they do it!

So, back to the jars…I made these jars by crumbling white tissue paper and decoupaged them with Modge Podge. So love that stuff! I printed the numbers on the computer and decoupaged those on as well. Added a bit of ribbon for pizzazz and the necessities are neat and tidy, but available when the homework nightmare party begins!
What do you think?  BTW...Kids...the pencils are in jar number 1!  :)

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  1. OMG! This is so appropriate for your home! Luv u sis!


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