Sunday, February 7, 2010

Coffee Canisters

Skinny Vanilla Late anyone?
I wanted to create a coffee station with some canisters that would hold my coffee supplies that looked a bit different than the typical. I created these little guys with cardboard boxes, candle holders, drawer pulls and a little paint! I found these round cardboard boxes at the Goodwill for $2.00 each along with the candle holders that were brass and really UGLY for $1.00 each. Lucky for me the boxes were already pretty cute in chocolate brown and gold polka-dots. I painted the lids and candle sticks with metallic bronze spray paint and added some inexpensive drawer pulls from Hobby Lobby $1.50 ea (wish they were a bit hey!) glued it all together with gorilla glue and walla!
A little something different and functional too. Maybe now, I'll hit Starbucks a little less?
Total cost for project: $9.00


  1. YOU ROCK!! I love these. They are so cute. I want some!

  2. These are just awesome!


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