Saturday, February 13, 2010

Its a party...Camping style!

For my son's 6th birthday, he REALLY wanted a camping theme.  This would be NO problem if his birthday was in say...July, but as fate would have it, he is a winter baby!  So, I set out to make his birthday wish of a "camping party" come true!  We are blessed to live in the south where the winter's are mild and the day turned out to be 55 degrees and sunny! 

This post features some of the highlites (the sun messed with my photos, but we were thankful to have it at our party!).

Goody bags...hobo style.  The kids loved them! 
A child-friendly buffet of the classics...hotdog, mac 'n cheese and lots of treats!

A Simple Camp Fire Cake!

Self-Serve Drink Station!

Child-proof Camp Fire (made from empty paper towel rolls and tissue paper)

Throw in a pop-up camper...and you have one happy little boy! 
Which makes for a SUPER happy Mom!


  1. What a great birthday theme. I can't wait till October for my son's birthday to make that cake! Very creative.

  2. Awesome Birthday Gig Mom!


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